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How a Porn Star who took a bible on her last shoot inspired me


Jesus loves me no matter what I have done,  he just hate what I’m doing – selling myself for money .

I was actually browsing photos at my Facebook feeds recently when a video of this girl grab my attention.

All my life I used think that Jesus loves only the few people who avoid being tempted to sin and keep on obeying him. I’m a Christian and every time I’ve been to my shortcomings I can’t help on saying Jesus won’t love me now because of my disobedience.

How come a porn Star be loved by Jesus then?  How on earth could Jesus loves people encouraging everyone to commit adultery?

How come he love us extravagantly unconditional? That Jesus loves us no matter where we are,  where we’ve been and what we’ve done.

He just loves us REGARDLESS.

This girl now finally found his purpose – that she would have not meant to be a prostitute but someone who help people. She had her first readings of her bible that same day before her photo shoot and decided that it would be the LAST. And then she finally got into ministry – where she got her purpose.

It is never too late too be forgiven.  God is able to forgive anyone else who wants to.

In this day,  I wanted to thank God for the grace he had given up on me. I’ve sin a lot of times,  been into trouble by the mistakes abusing free will, and on chain of the shortcomings that doesn’t define who I am.

I am God’s masterpiece and I just don’t deserve to at least sell myself to sin beyond unreasonable price of a temporary happiness.

We Christians,  are not PERFECT but indeed FORGIVEN.

It’s really amazing to fall in love with the people I’ve never met.

Squad Goals : All must Graduate on TIME!

image Totoong dapat na mas pinipili yung tamang friends sa buhay natin. But more often friends doesn’t came to our life just because we have chosen them. They came like a firefly hanging around with you and then napaso ka – later on hinahanap hanap mo na ung mark niya sayo. You’re completely insane when you are with them. Congratulations to all best friends out there who have been finished high school and college nang sabay sabay!

Squad Goals – Graduate on Time!